Take Wellness Products - Swim Spa


Whilst we are the leading supplier of Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas for Gloucestershire, Bristol, Hereford, Worcester, Oxfordshire and South Wales, we also offer our range of wellness products and services to customer across the South West.

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At Take Wellness, we sell the world’s only self-cleaning Hot Tub from the longest established brand in the UK, Hydropool. With more than 40 years of experience, Hydropool Hot Tubs are at the cutting edge of design and innovation offering advanced hydrotherapy, unmatched comfort, and unparalleled design.

Take Wellness Products - Hydropool Swim Spas

hydropool swim spas

Our range of Hydropool Swim Spas from are at the top of their class in both design and innovation. As the number one jetted Swim Spa in the industry, Hydropool provides the perfect cost and energy efficient home pool solution that allows you to swim, train and relax with your family and friends all year round.

Take Wellness Products - Saunas


The traditional sauna experience is well known for its health and wellness benefits. Our range of traditional, Infra-red, and eco-friendly saunas made from Cedar, Pine, and Maple from world leading brands, offer a relaxing place to socialise with friends and family whilst quietly improving your overall wellbeing.

Take Wellness Products - Outdoor Living


Spending time outdoors positively influences our wellbeing and reduces stress. Reconnect with nature and complete your own stylish outdoor living and wellness space with our range of luxury kitchens, BBQs, furniture, and pergolas from leading global brands such as Kettler, Everdure, and Deponti.

Take Wellness Products - Swimming Pools

bespoke swimming pools

You and your loved ones can treat yourself to the perfect rest and relaxation. Discover a new lifestyle with Niveko pools from TAKE Wellness. Each pool is totally unique, made just for you. Design your own pool just how you want it. To make it a natural part of your garden to suit your families lifestyle nd activity level.